Yoga on the Fly

Yo, yogi wannabe, what are you waiting for?  Time, perhaps?  Well, let’s get started right here, right now, because that’s when yoga happens, “NOW.” I’m giving you 4 ways to easily incorporate yoga into your hectic schedules. On your Commute: Start to deepen your breath and listen to the sounds that are surrounding you.  Any … Read More

Summer Sun Essentials

With summer’s official kickoff last weekend (woohoo!), it’s inevitable that everyone will be spending much more time outside. Year round SPF coverage is important, but obviously you need to step up your game during the next several months. Not sure what you’ll need to keep your face and body protected all summer long? No worries. … Read More

Summer Fridays!

There is nothing better than an easy dress to throw on for work. It’s a one stop shop for a great outfit. I love this black and white Rebecca Taylor dress because of the simple details and the cute bow in the front. Although it is a couple inches above my knee, I think the … Read More

Quinoa Tacos

Two weeks ago, we posted this deliciously easy quinoa tabbouleh recipe.  I make this dish with almost embarrassing regularity.  To keep it from being boring, especially when I pack it for lunch* multiple days during the same workweek, I’ve found that making it into quinoa tabbouleh tacos is the perfect way to transform the dish … Read More

Make a Statement

I love to incorporate statement necklaces into my work wardrobe.  They take a basic blue sweater or a crisp white shirt from simple to stylin’ in no time.  I paired this Mignonne Gavigan necklace with a bright blue sweater to help bring out the soft hues of the necklace. The pale pink and white skirt is longer than … Read More

Black and White

Black and white is a combination that I think always looks chic. I based this look around striped pants that I found a few years ago at Zara. They are great work trousers—they’re slightly high waisted, so it’s easy to tuck in a silk blouse.  I think that a cropped ankle is a great length for work pants— … Read More

It’s Rosé Season!

We hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend!! Not only does Memorial Day Weekend mark the beginning of white pants season, it is also the unofficial start to rosé season! At Before Friday, we are big fans of rosé – so big that we often hold rosé hours on the weekend. We invite over a … Read More

Yogurt Parfaits

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  My go-to breakfast on a workday morning is yogurt.  It’s delicious, easy, and gives me a much needed boost of energy in the AM.  While single serving yogurt cups from the grocery store work in a pinch, I’ve found that making my own yogurt parfaits is a super easy way to … Read More

Sexy, Feminine, Corporate

I love wearing all black to the office.  It is slimming, I can’t get it dirty (I, personally, cannot eat a salad in a white blouse without spilling on it), and I know it will match.  But in an effort to retain readers I decided I would venture from all black and put a (green) … Read More

Kale Salad with Sweet Potato and Apple

Let’s talk about kale. Kale is healthy. Kale is filling. Kale can easily be added to quiche, enchiladas, or soups to bulk them up nutrition-wise. But most importantly, kale travels really well.  Whenever I want to bring a salad to work, I more often than not use kale as the base.  It can withstand dressing overnight … Read More