Before Friday Features: Martina

Welcome back to our Before Friday Features section! Every couple of weeks we are going to feature awesome women from around the country and ask them their secrets to looking fly and tackling the workweek.

This week we are in New York City talking to Martina, an Associate at Blackstone from Hanover, New Hampshire.

Why New York City?

I attended Columbia for college and loved NYC ever since. There couldn’t be a better place for me to develop my career, and it’s wonderful having so many of my friends from college and business school all in one place. I also love the energy and work ethic of people who live here.

What is your personal power suit (the outfit that makes you feel like kicking ass and taking names)?

Michael Kors straight leg black pants, Armani blazer, and the same Prada black heels I wear every day.

What is your most comfortable pair of work shoes?

Prada suede kitten heels for in the office. I wear them every single day. Arche booties for travel and running around outside to meetings.

What is your commuting trick?

Live close to the office – I love being mobile and walk to and from work every day.

What is your go-to weekday dinner?

Usually a simple pasta dish with vegetables. I like trying recipes from either Gwyneth Paltrow or Tara Stile’s cookbooks. Even my younger brother loves Tara Stiles’ vegan coconut rice noodle dish!

What are your desk essentials?

Healthy snacks – nuts, fruit, and an assortment of teas to pick from when I need an afternoon pickup. Some good chocolates. My coziest Ralph Lauren heavy weight sweater for when I’m working at my desk and the office is freezing.

What is your favorite bottle of bargain wine?

This isn’t technically a bargain, but Vineyards 7&8 makes my absolute favorite Chardonnay and Cabernet.

What is your favorite workout when you are pinched for time?

I love Tara Stiles yoga classes. Either I go to her class in Soho or do her videos on YouTube at home. I always feel better after a SoulCycle class too.

What is your favorite workout clothing brand?

I’m happiest working out in a loose top and comfortable leggings or sweatpants. I like brands like Good Hyouman, Monrow, and Beyond Yoga. David Lerner makes my favorite leggings.

Thanks so much, Martina!  We loved all of your workweek tips! 

Photos by Tawni Bannister.



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