Before Friday Features: Sarah

Welcome back to our Before Friday Features section! Every couple of weeks we are going to feature awesome women from around the country and ask them their secrets to looking fly and tackling the workweek.

This week we’re in NYC to talk to the gorgeous Sarah, a brilliant dentist from Greenville, South Carolina! P.S. She’s a twin! Expect to see a post from her sister Allison sometime soon…

Why New York City?

My husband is a PhD student at Columbia University and we wanted to move to a city that had everything to offer, including winters that seem to last until May.

On a rushed morning what is your go-to outfit?

Slacks, cotton pull over blouse, flats.

Do you have any tricks for making an outfit day-to-night?

Switch from flats to heels, remove the blazer, add some dark lipstick (my go to color is Cynthia Rowley Lip Stain in Dahlia). Maybe unbutton a couple buttons if I’m feeling dangerous.

What is your commuting trick?

I love to read The New Yorker on my commute; it makes it go by so much faster.

What do you always have on hand in your kitchen?

Shiitake Mushrooms! And always balsamic vinegar (instead of adding salt to everything).

What is your go-to weekday dinner?

Sautéed tofu and vegetables with balsamic on top of rice or no rice if I want to cut back on carbs.

What is your go-to weekday breakfast?

Low fat cottage cheese with banana and raspberries, but you can switch to other fruits and even add avocado if you want. It’s delish!

What are your desk essentials?

My “desk” is a dental chair, so I’ve always got a drill in hand and some fun music in the background!

What is your favorite workout when you are pinched for time?

25 crunches, 12 pushups, 20 squats and I just repeat until I run out of time.

What is your least favorite part of the workweek?

The alarm on Monday morning is the hardest, but once I push through that, it’s all downhill from there!

What is your favorite part of the workweek?

Happy hour on Friday with friends.

Thanks so much, Sarah!  We loved hearing your take on the workweek.  See you at happy hour on Friday!

Photos by Tawni Bannister.

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