Workout Wednesday: Leg Lifts

Happy Hump Day! To celebrate, I’m channeling my inner Sir Mix-a-Lot (yes, I went there) by focusing on two exercises that tone your butt. I like doing 10-15 reps of each of these moves per side. Fit them in after a run or walk, or take 5 minutes to bust them out in your office if … Read More

Super Tuesday

Still feeling sluggish after a big 4th of July weekend? Stressed about upcoming deadlines? Cramped from sitting all day? I have a 1 minute solution for you: a Superman Pose! This lovely pose is great for strengthening your lower back. It also gives you a nice stretch in a new way to really lengthen your front body, especially … Read More

Stretch It Out!

My job requires me to work at a desk for the majority of the day. If I’m not mindful of my sitting position, I find myself hunching forward, causing tension in my neck, shoulders, and back. To counteract this, I like to do a quick set of stretches that strengthens and lengthens my back and opens … Read More

Workout Wednesday: The Buddy Edition

Sometimes I wake up with every intention to exercise after work, but when 6:00 PM rolls around, the idea of pajamas and a glass of wine sounds more appealing. I’ve found that the best way to combat this mindset is to make plans with a workout buddy. It is easy to do, especially if you take … Read More

Quick and Dirty Core Workout

After a long day at work, sometimes it’s tough to do a super long workout. When I’m pinched for time, I generally like to do a 10 minute run to get my heart rate up followed by a 10 minute intense ab-and-core session for strength training. Core strength is important for many reasons, especially for … Read More

Yoga on the Fly

Yo, yogi wannabe, what are you waiting for?  Time, perhaps?  Well, let’s get started right here, right now, because that’s when yoga happens, “NOW.” I’m giving you 4 ways to easily incorporate yoga into your hectic schedules. On your Commute: Start to deepen your breath and listen to the sounds that are surrounding you.  Any … Read More

Quick and Easy

Whenever I feel like I don’t have time to do a workout, I have to remind myself that even a 15 minute workout is worth my time. There is nothing easier than a 5 minute jog followed by some tricep dips and inclined lunges.  No matter what your schedule is, you can always fit in 15 … Read More