My Secret Spice

I have used this Japanese seven spice mix in about every meal as of late–it gives a great flavor that’s not too spicy, but gives a seemingly plain dish a delicious kick! I first came across it at a ramen restaurant and liked it so much that I ordered it in bulk on (It’s pretty hard to find at a traditional grocery store, but you can find it at Asian markets if you prefer to buy in person.)

My favorite thing to do is use it liberally on veggies. I’m especially loving it on burnt broccoli. It’s a delicious recipe and oh so easy! Just preheat the oven to 375 degrees, throw some broccoli florets on a cookie sheet, drizzle some olive oil over them, then add course sea salt and Shichimi Togarashi. Have it as a great snack, pair it with your protein of choice, or just go nuts and eat an entire head for dinner!

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