Shrimp Skewers

My mom’s entire side of the family (read: a ton of people) spends each 4th of July on a lake in Maine.  This 3-day party consists of a lot of eating, drinking, horseshoes, and cribbage. This year, I wanted to change things up a bit on the food front. I’m thinking lots of small appetizers … Read More

Summer Salad

I have made this salad at least a million times and every person I have made it for has asked for the recipe.  So here you go everyone! The best salad to serve all summer long. This salad is called “Summer Salad” because it is summer in a bowl: fresh corn, avocado, onion, cilantro and … Read More

Quinoa Tacos

Two weeks ago, we posted this deliciously easy quinoa tabbouleh recipe.  I make this dish with almost embarrassing regularity.  To keep it from being boring, especially when I pack it for lunch* multiple days during the same workweek, I’ve found that making it into quinoa tabbouleh tacos is the perfect way to transform the dish … Read More