Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes

Happy Monday! To continue my pattern of wearing easy dresses and statement pieces to start off the workweek, I’m wearing one of my favorite combinations. This patterned column dress from Zara is great for work. It has a conservative shape, a great print (which makes it hard to tell that I spilled a dollop of yogurt on my dress this … Read More

Stripes and Spikes

I’m heading out to the Hamptons this weekend, so I wanted an easy dress that could go from the office, to hours stuck in traffic, to dinner on the beach. I chose this cotton dress because it is super comfortable and won’t wrinkle even after wearing it all day. My office has denim Fridays all summer … Read More

The Easy Black Dress

I find the snooze button so tempting on Monday mornings (especially after a Sunday night Game of Thrones party), so I end up getting ready in a bit of a rush. As a result, I have some go-to Monday uniforms that I know will take me approximately 45 seconds to throw on and go, including … Read More

Before Friday Features: Nisha

Welcome back to our Before Friday Features section! Every couple of weeks we are going to feature awesome women from around the country and ask them their secrets to looking fly and tackling the workweek. We’re staying local in NYC to talk to Nisha, a badass babe who does business development and investor relations for a fund. Why New … Read More

Summer Fridays!

There is nothing better than an easy dress to throw on for work. It’s a one stop shop for a great outfit. I love this black and white Rebecca Taylor dress because of the simple details and the cute bow in the front. Although it is a couple inches above my knee, I think the … Read More

Put a Blazer on It!

This is the outfit I wear when I want to be comfortable, but also look put together.  The dress is a jersey material that I could live in.  However, it goes day to night really easily, and it can even be dressed up for a more formal event. The structure of the jacket takes away from … Read More

Effortlessly Polished

When I need to look work-ready in under 10 minutes, I always turn to a dress. Zip it up, throw on a pair of heels, and you’re ready for meetings. This popover dress by Rebecca Taylor has a playful layer that gives it a great silhouette from both the front and the back, while the conservative … Read More