The Easy Black Dress

I find the snooze button so tempting on Monday mornings (especially after a Sunday night Game of Thrones party), so I end up getting ready in a bit of a rush. As a result, I have some go-to Monday uniforms that I know will take me approximately 45 seconds to throw on and go, including this black dress from Zara.

This dress is absurdly easy. It’s made of a knit cotton, so it’s machine washable. It’s fitted, but the high neck and long length make it totally office appropriate. Since it’s plain black, I can always make it look fresh by popping on a different blazer and shoe combination, so nobody really notices that I have it on a very heavy (umm weekly) rotation.

Dress: Zara. old. similar here: ZaraBlazer: Zara. old. similar here: Zara. Heels: Alexander Wang. old. similar here: Alexander WangCommuting Shoes: EverlaneSunglasses: Dior.

E Hot Pink Commute

My Everlane Street Shoes have also become a go-to on most mornings. Since they have the shape of a loafer, they look good with dresses and skirts. I personally dislike the look of a work skirt with a running shoe, so this is a great alternative to wear without sacrificing comfort.

E Hot Pink Commute Shoes Detail


Photos byTawni Bannister.

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